Apps to Help You Plan Your Destination Wedding

No bride or groom understands how difficult it is to organize a destination wedding until they actually start planning.

The term “bridezilla” exists for a reason, and if people thought that planning a local wedding was hard, putting together the details of a ceremony and reception for a destination wedding is another story entirely. Planning everything overseas sounds like a daunting task, but it is completely possible, especially when you recruit a team of helpers in both places. What takes a tremendous load off your back is, believe it or not, your smartphone, but more specifically the apps you have on there.

You Must UseTechnology!

Making use of your smartphone or tablet minimizes the complexities of wedding planning, as it allows you to sync important dates, reminders, details, and other kinds of information into one device. While a person who constantly uses their smartphone is automatically deemed tech savvy, mobile apps are often designed with easy and clean interfaces for accessibility and effortlessness in daily tasks. With technology seemingly growing more complicated by the day, app developers from across the industries are going back to the basics, creating products based on what’s already familiar to us. For creatives, there’s now a drawing tool that acts as a pencil on your digital notepad, and for vintage gamers, more gaming operators are focusing on formatting traditional-style slots. Simplicity is something that we strive for in all aspects of life, thus if there’s a specific tool or application that can help streamline the entire wedding planning process, it is surely welcomed.

Check out these apps, as recommended by wedding planners and former brides:

Evernote Scannable

The documents and permits to obtain a marriage license will vary from country to country, and Evernote Scannable is a handy app to have so that you always have a digital copy of necessary paperwork. IDs, post-its and receipts can also be scanned.


Organize tasks, to-dos, and all your notes into one app that can be synced with your desktop. Not just limited to wedding planning, this app gets your life together to make sure you stay on top of all your errands, because your main focus should just be the wedding.


You’ll need to transfer money in order to pay for services and suppliers, but banks can charge a hefty fee for international wire transfers. To minimize the costs, TransferWise provides real exchange fees without the hidden costs.
Anywhere you can save an extra buck will definitely be helpful in paying for your wedding.


I want to congratulate you again on your engagement and upcoming destination wedding.  I hope you find these Apps helpful as you plan your destination wedding.