A Celebration With Family and Friends

Mario and Cecile celebrated their marriage with 46 of their closest friends and family in the lush and tropical Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic. Cecile and Mario had been to destination weddings in the past, and had experienced first hand, the intimacy and fun that only a destination wedding can bring to both them and their guests.

Celebrating for Days Instead of Hours

Cecile and Mario also loved the idea of celebrating their wedding for a much longer period of time with all of their family and friends. “You get to spend days celebrating with your closest people” instead of just a few short hours.” Cecile said, when compared to a traditional wedding.

A Great Financial Solution

Mario and Cecile also enjoyed the financial savings of having a destination wedding. “Since we were paying for our own wedding, a destination wedding was the best financial solution to having a beautiful fancy wedding.”

It Started at Hello

Cecile and Mario were introduced at work over five years ago, and as Mario says: “Even though the job was short lived for Cecile, it only took that one introduction, and they have been inseparable ever since”.

The Proposal:

Mario and Cecile love to take morning walks together at a park that has wooded trails around their lake. One morning, around 7am, they were on their walk, like normal, when Mario dropped to one knee, and bent low to the ground. “I thought he was tying his shoe…but I knew what he was doing as soon as he started to saying my full name! It was a total surprise!”

Bringing It All Together:

Cecile found Tami Santini, destination wedding designer for Paradise Getaways, online and decided to hire Tami to design and coordinate her destination wedding. After consulting with Tami about what they wanted in their destination wedding, Tami was able to match Cecile and Mario’s unique wedding vision to The Paradisus Punta Cana, the resort that had everything they were looking for in their destination wedding location. 

Simple Elegance:

Cecile and Mario chose a wedding theme of simple elegance that included ivory fabrics with ivory flowers. Cecile said. “There is not much decoration needed when your locale is in a gorgeous tropical setting!’

The Ceremony:

Cecile and Mario’s ceremony was set in a gorgeous garden location on the property surrounded by the many colorful tropical plants and trees. One of Cecile’s precious memories was exchanging their wedding vows and rings and then sharing their first kiss as husband and wife.

Let The Party Begin

The reception was set in a secluded nook of a poolside patio area, surrounded by palm trees, glistening water from the pool, and a gorgeous tropical sky. Cecile said that the location alone made her reception an “unforgettable memory!“  Cecile’s brother-in-law gave Cecile and Mario an awesome wedding present, as he sang their first dance song for them to get the dancing started, while everyone filled the dance floor and had a great time all night, despite a humid evening. 

The Greatest Memory:

Cecile and Mario’s greatest memory of their destination wedding was how genuinely happy they were the day of their wedding, and how they cherished all of the relaxing time they got to spend with their family and friends throughout the week.

A Word From Cecile and Mario

Special thanks to all of the wedding vendors who worked together to make Cecile and Mario’s destination wedding so perfect.

  • Tami Santini from Paradise Getaways
  • Paradisus Punta Cana Resort
  • The Paradisus Resorts Romance USA based team and the on-site Romance Team at the resort
  • Yhi Spa for their women’s and men’s separate spa events
  • Tropical One Studio for Videography and Photography
  • Caribbean Celebrations for the décor

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