How Will the Zika Virus Effect Your Travel Plans to the Caribbean or Mexico?

Do you have travel plans to the Caribbean or Mexico, but now you are unsure of what to do, because of everything you have been hearing about the Zika virus?  Well you not alone, right now there are literally millions of people who are trying to decide whether or not to keep their travel plans to the Caribbean or Mexico because they are worried about the Zika virus. 

The Latest Information

As a honeymoon and destination wedding designer to the Caribbean and Mexico, it is my job to keep up on the latest information that is known about the Zika virus and how it could effect your travel.  I want to share with you this information (as of the date of this blog post) so that you can make the best decision for your individual needs when it comes to traveling to the Caribbean or Mexico.  I want to make it clear, that this information is from these regions and I want to relay their findings to you.  These are the details as given to me.  


World Class Preventative Procedures in Place For Years

For years Mexico's major tourist destinations and businesses have practiced world-class procedures to control the mosquito population and prevent mosquito carried diseases.  All of the hotels, restaurants, airports, and other areas frequently visited by tourists have in place mosquito eradication practices and closely follow international guidelines to monitor their growth.  All of the major Mexican tourist areas are well prepared to contain the Zika virus.  

A 0.03% Cases Reported

Mexico has only 34 confirmed cases of the Zika virus, representing just 0.03% of the total cases reported globally.  All of these cases are from Mexican nationals living in rural areas, far from the tourist destinations frequently visited by international tourists.  Given Mexico's vast size, population, and climate, and trade in the region, the reported Zika cases reported in Mexico continue to be very low.  

The World Health Organization's Statement:  

The world health organization issued a statement on February 1, 2016 confirming that there is no reason to cancel or change travel plans to any country reporting Zika cases.   Lawerence Elliot, Group Vice President at Sunwing Travel Group has stated.  "With so few cases (in Mexico) and zero reported in areas frequented by tourists, I continue to recommend travel to Mexico both personally to friends and family, and professionally to my customers."

Source:  Mexico Tourism Board Press Release Titled:  Zika Virus Poses No Risk to Mexico Tourists: February 3, 2015


As of February 10th, the Caribbean continues along the trend with Mexico, with very low Zika cases reported:  According to the CDC here are some of the statistics on the Zika Virus in the Caribbean:  Sandals resorts took the CDC report and turned it into a graphic of the islands they service to show how few Zika cases there are in the Caribbean

source: Sandals

Jamaica has only had one case confirmed and officials can not be certain that the Zika virus was locally transmitted, meaning that it is not confirmed that the infection occurred in Jamaica or if someone was infected before they got to Jamaica, while Barbados has three confirmed cases and the Dominican Republic has 10.    

World Class Precautions and Prevention

One reason that the reported cases of the Zika virus are so low in the Caribbean, is due to the extreme mosquito prevention and eradication procedures that most of the Caribbean resorts and tourist areas have taken to prevent and control mosquito growth.  Sandals resorts, a leader in Mosquito and insect eradication and control in the Caribbean issued this statement.  

source: Sandals Resorts

Precautions To Prevent Infection

When you do travel to an area that could be at higher risk to the Zika Virus, due to mosquitos,  the CDC has suggested the following procedures to follow while you are on your trip to protect yourself.  Most of these procedures are on preventing mosquito bites on your trip.  Again, most quality resorts are doing an excellent job of mosquito prevention at the resorts, and that is why there are so few cases being reported in comparison to the thousands and thousands of other cases being reported in Brazil and other areas.  

Click Here to Read these procedures. 

Bottom Line

I have tried to give you the most factual information that I can on traveling to Mexico or the Caribbean while the threat of the Zika virus is being talked about around the world.   I can not tell you to travel or not to travel, that  is your own personal decision, but I hope that most of these facts give you a little more clarity.  I do think that the media tends to really hype up things to the point that unnecessary fear comes over everyone, and then people panic.  If you are pregnant,  I would say that you should consult your doctor before you travel, and check the Zika report for the country you are thinking about going to. Some are Zika free as shown on our map, others are reporting very small Zika occurrence.  

 You can check the CDC's website by clicking here.

Travel Insurance

I do recommend that when you travel, you should purchase "cancel for any reason" travel protection.  This allows you to cancel your trip for any reason, including fear of traveling or being infected.  Currently the only travelers who are getting their money back for canceling their trips, are either pregnant travelers or travelers with cancel for any reason insurance.  It is worth the extra money to have the peace of mind.  

I Hope This Helps

I hope this helps you make the decision that is best for you.   If you liked this post or thought it was helpful, please share it and like it in your social communities.   If you would like any help with your vacation plans to the Caribbean or Mexico, please feel free to contact us today.  

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