Shannon and Kevin's Destination Wedding Celebration in The Riviera Maya Mexico

Shannon and Kevin celebrated their marriage, with 31 of their closest family and friends in the beautiful Riviera Maya Mexico at the beautiful  El Dorado Seaside Suites all inclusive resort and spa.

How It Began: A Secret Matchmaker

Shannon and Kevin were introduced by a mutual friend who knew they would “hit it off.” Shannon says: “She tricked us a little by telling each of us the other person was interested after seeing photos on Facebook.” As you can see, her friend obviously knew what she was doing. The rest is history as they say. 

The Proposal: “Perfect!”

Kevin proposed to Shannon on Christmas Eve, 2013. The details of how Kevin proposed are so special and private to them that they can only be summed up in one word. Shannon says: “I’ll just say it was perfect!”

Why a Destination Wedding?

Both Kevin and Shannon wanted to do something different for their wedding. Shannon says: “We were looking for something different but also really fun. "We wanted more of a party feel to the wedding.” Shannon and Kevin remembered a great vacation they had shared in Cancun a couple of years before. “We both thought we would love to go back and get married there when the time came!”

Pulling it All Together:

Shannon and Kevin used many resources to make their destination wedding become a reality. Shannon and Kevin found Tami Santini, the lead destination wedding designer for Paradise Getaways, and after consulting with her, hired Tami to help them find the best resort for their wedding vision, as well as handle all of the travel arrangements.  Once Tami understood Shannon and Kevin's unique wedding vision, she recommended the El Dorado Seaside Suites resort for their destination wedding.  Shannon says: “Tami was a huge help finding the resort and organizing the trip. She answered all of m many questions along the way and also had a lot of wonderful insight about the resort."

View of Pool Area and Pool Side Lounge Chairs at The Eldorado Seaside Suites

Other Help As Well

Shannon’s Matron of Honor, who had attended a destination wedding before, gave Shannon a lot of great ideas for her wedding, as well as the resort’s onsite wedding coordinator who answered further questions and kept her on track for all of the decisions that had to be made. “There was a company website where I picked out flowers, décor, food and entertainment. “ Shannon also used Pinterest for ideas on décor as well.   

The Dress:

Shannon described her wedding dress as her dream dress.

Theme and Décor: Simple and Elegant

Shannon and Kevin wanted a simple, yet elegant wedding theme. Shannon used a lot white and used coral as an accent color. Shannon said. “The color really came from the centerpieces on each table” I loved how the décor looked at night.” 

the best destination wedding resorts in Mexico

destination wedding dress and wedding flower ideas

The Ceremony: A Dream Come True

The Ceremony came together perfectly, set in a beautifully decorated wedding gazebo on the water, and everyone enjoying the
warm and sunny tropical weather.  Shannon said. “It felt a little like a dream.” Shannon loved being able to look out from the altar and see all the people she and Kevin cared most about sharing their special day. 

the best destination wedding resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico
where to have the best destination wedding in Mexico

A Ceremony Highlight: Making it Real!

In her Shannon’s words: “The highlight was seeing my husband at the end of the aisle waiting for me. This wedding was a long time in the making for us, so when I finally got to see him, I felt like it was real.” 


The Reception: An Amazing Time!

Shannon and Kevin’s reception was amazing! Shannon and Kevin loved the heartfelt speeches of the Matron of Honor and Best Man, along with the spectacular dinner they all enjoyed. 

the best all inclusive resorts for your destination wedding in the Riviera Maya  

The Cake:

Shannon described her wedding cake as “spectacular!” 


A Reception Highlight: The Mariachi Band

Shannon and Kevin decided to have a Mariachi band at their reception, that played for about an hour. They were undecided at first whether or not to have one, but they were so glad they did. “Everyone loved it and the band was very interactive with the crowd. After the band, we played music off our Ipod, and everyone danced the night away. “ 

A great idea for your destination wedding reception: Mariachi Band  
A great idea for your destination wedding reception: Mariachi Band

Their Greatest Memory: Celebrating for Days instead of Hours

Shannon says her greatest memory of her destination wedding, besides the obvious of “marrying the love of her life”, was enjoying her wedding for days with her family and close friends instead of just the few hours a traditional wedding would usually allows. Shannon says: “Most weddings you get one day with guests, but here we had multiple days and got to spend more time with everyone. I loved sharing this special time in our lives with those people and having several days with them in paradise.” 

Destination weddings in the riviera Maya Mexico

Special Thanks

Shannon and Kevin would like to thank all of the destination wedding specialists who helped make their destination wedding a reality.

Photographer: Sam May
Destination Wedding Designer: Tami Santini
El Dorado Seaside Suites: On-site wedding coordinator/assistants
Lomas Travel: Mariachi Band/ Claudia: Online Wedding Coordinator.

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