A Love Story Scripted in Paradise

Steve and Lindsay celebrated their destination wedding, in the Riviera Maya Mexico, with 8 of their closest family and friends at the beautiful Azul Beach resort in the Rivera Maya Mexico. Lindsey said. “It was a perfect amount of people for us!” Just like a great movie,

destination weddings in the Riviera Maya Mexico

Act One: How It All Started

Steve and Lindsay met back in 2007 in film school. They both were in the same acting class together. While working on a film project together, their relationship blossomed and they started dating. 

Photo Credit: mytwocents.com

Act Two: The Proposal

Steve and Lindsay always loved visiting different zoos at Christmas time to see the different and unique light displays. Last year they decided to go to the San Diego Zoo. Lindsay says: “We were on the sky ride, overlooking all the zoo lights when he asked me to marry him. I, of course, said YES!” 

Why a Destination Wedding?

Steve and Lindsey decided on a destination wedding because, Lindsay said. “We wanted a small, intimate, and unique wedding, and at the same time, we wanted to enjoy a great vacation with all of our friends and family that could make it. “  Steve and Lindsey included some fun excursions into their destination wedding for everyone to enjoy.  Doing fun excursions and group activities with your wedding group builds intimacy and creates fantastic memories that you and your family and friends will share forever when they think of your destination wedding.

activities you can do with your group for your destination wedding

destination wedding activities to do with your group

Setting The Stage: Pulling It All Together

While Lindsay was doing her research, she came across Tami Santini, destination wedding designer for Paradise Getaways. Lindsey read her reviews and decided to reach out to see if Tami would help put the pieces together for their destination wedding. After consulting with Lindsey and Steve, Tami matched them to the Azul Beach Resort in the Riviera Maya Mexico.  Lindsey said: "All my family and friends kept asking me how I found this resort and I kept telling them that it was all Tami. She took the extra time to ask me detailed questions and did so much research to find the perfect place for me. We couldn’t have been happier.  I mostly relied on Tami and the wedding coordinators at Karisma to bring my vision to reality."

tami santini destination wedding designer

The Décor:

Lindsey decided to go with a beach theme, “since we were getting married on the beach.” They used minimal decorations provided by the resort, but Lindsay brought an entire suitcase full of fun things for the ceremony and for her guests. Lindsey also made some candies for the reception table, and in her words: “With our wedding party being so small, I was able to create beach themed gift bags, itineraries and much more! It was fantastic that the resort was able to accommodate me and allow me to use all my own decorations."

destination wedding decor The Ceremony:
Steve and Lindsey’s ceremony was a beautiful display of their love for each other, and the beautiful Caribbean setting. All of Lindsey and Steve’s colors that they had picked out, worked together with the beautiful Caribbean Sea and powder white sand to create a stunning back drop. 

destination weddings in the riviera Maya Mexico

Lindsey’s greatest memory was the sand ceremony. “When the time came to mix the sand, Steve could not get the cork out of the bottle, when he finally did, the sand stuck in the bottle and had to be shaken out like a ketchup bottle. “  Lindsey also loved how well the staff at Azul Beach handled everything for her wedding on site.  "The staff at Azul Beach was amazing! I can’t put into words how thankful I am for all their hard work!"

Steve and Lindsey's Love Story is Still Being Written:

Steve and Lindsey's love story is a script that is still being written.  They are filling the pages of their new life together with every new experience and adventure that they share together as husband and wife.  

-Lindsey & Steve 

Special Thanks!

Steve and Lindsey would like to thank everyone who helped make their destination wedding a reality. 

Photographer:  Caribe Photo  and the amazing work he did on their photos. 
Destination Wedding Designer:  Tami Santini
Wedding Location:  Azul Beach All Inclusive Resort and Spa in the Riviera Maya Mexico.

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