Are There Safe, Zika Free Locations in The Caribbean?

Are you looking for a Zika free location in the Caribbean?  Maybe you are trying to plan your honeymoon, attend or plan a destination wedding, or you just want to have romantic getaway, but you don't want to have to worry about being at risk of getting the Zika virus! 

What Does Zika Free Mean?

A Zika free location, is any country or region that has no reported cases of anyone being infected with the Zika Virus.  So if a location has been declared Zika free, that means there has been no evidence of anyone in that country or region reporting a Zika infection, or any of the health authorities in that country or region reporting a Zika infection.  These locations are considered much safer options for  travel, because the risk of exposure to Zika is less than other countries who have had reported cases of Zika. 

How Do I Find Zika Free Locations in The Caribbean?

The best place to check on which Caribbean locations have had Zika reported, is on the Centers for Disease Control website:  This is a great resource as it stays up to date. You have to be careful when reading articles from private websites, because I just read an article from Conde' Nast Traveler, which is very reputable, and they had listed Grenada as a Zika free location, which is not true anymore.  

There is Hope!

I just helped an awesome couple, plan their honeymoon to the Caribbean, who were worried about the Zika virus, because they are hoping to start a family right away after they get married, and they were struggling to find locations that have been declared Zika Free. There are currently three locations that I recommend for a romantic and fun Caribbean vacation for either your honeymoon, destination wedding, or anniversary, without having to worry about the Zika virus.  (Again this is as of the current writing of my post in June, 2016).  This post will focus on Antigua. 


As of October 2017, Antigua is not Zika Free any longer.  The only current location in the Caribbean that is Zika free is the Caymen Islands.  Please remember that there is even a risk of being infected by the Zika virus here in the U.S now.  Antigua remains an excellent choice for any type of romantic getaway, especially if Zika is not a huge concern for you or those traveling with you. 


The best Zika free locations in the Caribbean: Antigua

Considered one of the Caribbean's most romantic destinations, Antigua offers beautiful year round weather where you can enjoy one of their 365 beaches.  The crystal clear blue water invites you to dive in and experience fantastic water sports, where you can even learn how to sail a 40 ft. yacht! Adventure awaits with ziplines, ATV safaris and horseback riding. Wonderful historical sites and vistas await on this charming island in the Eastern Caribbean.  Antigua is a paradise for lovers and family alike!  I recommend the following resort:

For Honeymoons, destination weddings, Romantic Getaways: (Couples OnlyI)

The Sandals Grande Antigua

Located on Antigua's best and most protected beach, the Sandals Grande Antigua, a couples only all inclusive resort, offers two unique experiences that are both romantic and luxurious! The Caribbean Grove offers a charming seaside Garden of Eden, graced by  pathways covered beneath towering coconut palms and climbing tropical vines all cooled by Trade winds and secluded pools.. The famous Rondoval suites and gingerbread trimmed cottages are located here and offer authentic Caribbean romance.

the best Zika free locations in the Caribbean: Antiguathe best zika free locations in the Caribbean: Antigua

Then there is the Mediterranean Village, where you step into a realm of chic sophistication where European grandeur that draws inspiration from the splendid plazas and palatial villas of Europe's coastal cities.  The Mediterranean Village  has a lively upbeat and modern vibe to it and contains magnificent beachfront one-bedroom villas shrouded in privacy, as well as six-star suites styled in Italian charm.  Create your own lover's legend as you share the most romantic holiday of a lifetime. Two perfect worlds. One grand resort. All included.

the best Zika Free locations in the Caribbeanthe best pika free locations in the Caribbean, Antiguathe best Zika Free locations in the Caribbean

Antigua is a great Zika free option if you like adventure, romance,  great beaches, and terrific resort options.  I encourage you to consider Antigua and the Sandals Grande Antigua for your honeymoon, destination wedding, anniversary, or even a vow renewal in paradise! 

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Thank you for reading my post, and I will see you soon in Paradise!