Are There Safe, Zika Free Locations For Your Family Vacation in The Caribbean?

Are you looking for a Zika free location in the Caribbean for your next family vacation, but you don't want to have to worry about being at risk of getting the Zika virus?

What Does Zika Free Mean?

A Zika free location, is any country or region that has no reported cases of anyone being infected with the Zika Virus.  So if a location has been declared Zika free, that means there has been no evidence of anyone in that country or region reporting a Zika infection, or any of the health authorities in that country or region reporting a Zika infection. These locations are considered much safer options for  travel, because the risk of exposure to Zika is less than other countries who have had reported cases of Zika. 

How Do I Find Zika Free Locations in The Caribbean?

The best place to check on which Caribbean locations have had Zika reported, is on the Centers for Disease Control website This is a great resource as it stays up to date. You have to be careful when reading articles from private websites, because I just read an article from Conde' Nast Traveler, which is very reputable, and they had listed Grenada as a Zika free location, which is not true anymore.  

There is Hope!

I just helped an awesome couple, plan their honeymoon to the Caribbean, who were worried about the Zika virus, because they are hoping to start a family right away after they get married, and they were struggling to find locations that have been declared Zika Free.

Two Great Zika Free Locations

There are currently two good locations that I recommend for a safe and fun family vacation in the Caribbean without having to worry about the Zika virus.  (Again this is as of the current writing of my post in June, 2016).   The Bahamas and Antigua.
This post will focus on the Atlantis Luxury Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.  I have written a previous post on Antigua.  Click here to read about Antigua.  

The Atlantis Luxury Resort and Casino in The Bahamas

Pika Free locations in the Caribbean for your family vacation

The Atlantis is a luxury family resort located on Paradise Island, which is just a short Ferry ride or taxi ride over the bridge from Nassau. This mega resort is a kid's dream with pools, slides, a perfect white sand beach, water sports, arcade, swim with the dolphins, movies, shopping and more! For the parents, enjoy great entertainment, a casino a fabulous spa, excellent dining and the joy we all feel when we see our kids having fun! A great vacation resort for the whole family to enjoy.

Here is a quick overview of the Atlantis.

A 34-Acre Water Park

The Dolphin Cay Swim With The Dolphins

You can interact with dolphins and sea lions in Dolphin Cay or experience up-close views of 50,000 plus marine animals from over 200 species at the Marine Habitat.

Water Adventure

The Water Adventures allows you to snorkel, scuba, or snuba or even walk on the bottom of the sea with sharks. 

A World Class Casino

There are over 75 gaming tables featuring baccarat, Caribbean stud poker, Let It Ride, craps, roulette and blackjack and 750 of the latest slot machines. Complimentary daily gaming lessons are available every day.


Atlantis offers a challenging, and well-designed beautiful 18 hole, par 72, championship golf course for every golf lover in your family. There is even a golf academy that provides individual and group lessons.

Couture Shopping

Guests at Atlantis will have access to a Rodeo Drive / New York 5th Avenue, shopping experience. High-end shops and stores are available at your every step, and it is all duty free.

Dining options

Atlantis has a nice blend of 21 restaurants and 19 bars that give you all available dinning options. You can choose between fine, casual, quick-eat, and buffet style dinning that covers every taste and craving.

Note: many people do not know this, but the Atlantis is NOT all-inclusive, which means the food is not included in your stay. I highly recommend you either buy a meal plan, or some guests go into Nassau to eat. One of my agent’s family went to Atlantis and purchased the meal plan, and they were so happy they did, because the bill for just one dinner for the four of them was $400. I took my husband there and we ate lunch at Jamba Juice, at Atlantis, and it was $65 for two sandwiches and two drinks: Yikes!

The Beach:

The Atlantis sits on a 171 acres of gorgeous stretch of white sand beach, that is perfect to sun bathe, go for a refreshing swim in the crystal blue water, catching up on that book you have been trying to finish, or just take a nap.

Six Resorts in One:

The Atlantis has six different resort buildings that are each based on a level of quality and service, and are priced accordingly. Here is a quick break down of the rooms available at the Atlantis. They rooms start at Value level for the modest prices and move up all the way into luxurious suites. 



The Suites

Focusing on both comfort and luxury, the suites at Atlantis are one of a kind. The suites are all located in different towers and also offer different pricing and amenities depending on which tower they are located in.


The Royal and Coral Towers offer 1 or 2 bedroom suites perfect for families seeking a central location to all Atlantis activities.


If you are seeking a more luxurious room, suites at The Cove Atlantis provide accommodations and loaded amenities from accommodations perched atop two of the most beautiful beaches in the Bahamas. 


The Reef Atlantis’ suites are just steps away from Paradise Beach. They offer residential-style studios, 1, or 2-bedroom accommodations and access to a private, zero-entry pool. 

The Best Value for Families

I understand that every family is different, and has its own unique needs so this is not a one size fits all, but for a typical family of 4, the Royal Towers section offers the best value for families for the level of quality and extras that you get.

Atlantis Offers Great Value For Your Family Vacation in the Bahamas

As you can see, the Atlantis luxury resort offers a lot of amazing perks for the perfect family vacation to Atlantis.  My office often gets special promo codes that can help lower your cost and even get special deals on the Atlantis that you may not be able to find else where. 

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