What is the difference between your DIY Matchmaker System and your Done-For-You Matchmaker System?

The D.I.Y. Matchmaker system is meant for you and your fiance to do yourselves. It is an online program that you will have immediate access to in planning your honeymoon or destination wedding.  The Done-For-You service is a higher level of personalized service where you will work directly with Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Matchmaker, Tami Santini. Since the The Done-For-You Service gives you full one on one access with Tami, availability is limited.

What if I decide to purchase the DIY Matchmaker System and then may want to upgrade to the Done for you Service - is this possible?

Yes! The cost of what you paid for the DIY System will be applied. So, you won't be "double paying". Please keep in mind that due to the personalized service I offer, it is advised to first schedule a consultation with me to determine if I am able to work with you individually. For the honeymoon consultation, click here. For the destination wedding consultation, click here.

Is your DIY Honeymoon Matchmaker system something I receive in the mail?

No. It is an online program that you will have instant access to upon purchasing! This way you can start planning like a pro in no time!

I am interested in your DIY Destination Wedding Matchmaker system but am wondering how your open office hours work

These are times set aside in my schedule to be available on a conference call. You will be given the dates and times when these occur as well as the call in number. Due to the nature of this type of call, there may be others on the phone with me at the same time. You will be able to listen in to other questions (which may be helpful to you) or you may find that it is just you and I on the call. There are a lot of questions that come up or just advice that is needed in planning a destination wedding and I want to be available to offer you the answers you need to move forward.

How does your DIY Honeymoon Matchmaker System work?

It is an online members only area that you have access to that will guide you through steps to determine your ideal honeymoon location. You will first discover what you are looking for in a honeymoon. Once you know this, you will be guided to an area that has resorts and locations listed out like "Best Beaches", "Best Suites", "Fun, lively" etc. Since you already determined what you are looking for in a honeymoon in step one, you will only need to look at those resorts/locations that best fit your personality without wasting your time on those that don't fit. The whole system is designed to give you all the information you need to quickly make a decision without overwhelm or regret.

Do you offer locations in Hawaii?

Yes! Hawaii is an ideal tropical romantic getaway locale! I recommend contacting me for Done-For-You Services for Hawaii. The options in the Matchmaker System are for all inclusive resorts and Hawaii does not offer all inclusive resorts.

Do you offer resorts that aren't all inclusive?

If you looking for something other than an all inclusive resort, or just something unique or off the beaten path, I recommend working with me personally for the Done-For-You Service.

I am looking for a destination wedding location with a chapel

The Destination Wedding Matchmaker System will notate if an onsite Chapel is available at the resort. You can also choose a resort that doesn't have an onsite chapel and go off site to a chapel but have the reception at the resort.