Our Mission

Paradise Getaways helps couples, like you, who are trying to plan your all inclusive destination wedding or all inclusive honeymoon, but are short on time and overwhelmed while trying to balance your career, relationship, and wedding planning. We will give you the information and guidance you need so that you can quickly plan your destination wedding and honeymoon.

What Makes Paradise Getaways Different?

Creating customized destination weddings and honeymoons that are a perfect fit for you of course! You will have the peace of mind to know that your investment in your marriage and honeymoon will give you a lifetime of wonderful memories.

Okay, what really makes us different?
We believe that all couples deserve a dream destination wedding or honeymoon, so that is why we have created a system that designs a perfect wedding or honeymoon for everyone. Whether you want someone to do it all for you, just need a little help, or a plan to get started, we have the answer for you!

Founder & Head of School

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Some Reasons To Work With Us

Get Heard

You can be sure that we will hear what you really want and need, because we know just the right questions to ask to help you sort through the fluff and get to what is most important to you. By the time we’re done, you will know exactly what you want for your honeymoon or destination wedding.

get freed up

You are not going to have to waste time searching all over the web for more ideas or reading tons more reviews. You will be freed up to spend more time on the fun parts of your wedding planning.


Your destination wedding and honeymoon will be everything and more you want it to be, guaranteeing that all of your hard-earned investment will create memories that will last a lifetime.


You will always have control and final decision over your destination wedding or honeymoon. We work with you! You will never be pushed toward only one option, unless that truly is the only option due to special travel or financial constraints.


Our clients rave about our customer service, because they are our number one priority. We will return your phone calls, respond to emails, and answer questions. You will never be left in the dark, or have an unusually long wait time to know how things are going. Our process is designed to keep you informed every step of the way.


Your destination wedding and honeymoon will say a lot about you as a couple. The type of room or suite you book, if you love the beach or pools better, your wedding decor, all of this will be customized to your unique personality.


The problem with planning your destination wedding or honeymoon by yourself, as many couples learn the hard way, is that a resort or location may look fantastic online or on its website, but has overworked managers, is understaffed, may have poor food quality, and tries to squeeze in as many people as possible every day, making your wedding or honeymoon the event of the hour instead of being all about you.


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More than just a joyful place

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